Use Vaseline To Get Rid Of Large Open Skin Pores In Just 5 Minutes

Today I am going to share one super effective remedy to get rid of large skin open pores. Do this remedy for 2 weeks to see a positive change

For this remedy, you will need

  • Vitamin E capsule
  • Vaseline
  • Vicks vaporub

What to do:

  1. In a clean bowl take 1/4 spoon of Vicks
  2. In this add 1/2 spoon of vaseline
  3. Add oil of 1 vitamin E capsule
  4. Mix it very well and your remedy is ready

Apply this mixture to the affected area, where you have large skin pores. Massage it for 5 minutes and leave it for 1 hour or if possible you can leave it overnight also

Next day dip a cotton ball in warm water and with help of this clean your face


Surprising Beauty Uses For Vaseline

1. Loosen stuck nail polish tops

Little is more irritating than prepping your nails (including softening cuticles with Vaseline) only to find yourself gridlocked in a fight to the death with the cap on your nail polish bottle. To prevent the polish from acting like glue after your next mani/pedi, dab on a bit of Vaseline all along the edge and inside of the cap. It will twist off easily from now on!

2. Wear red lipstick with confidence

If you tend to get lipstick smears on the front of your teeth, this might put you off from wearing your favorite colors to important occasions. But with the help of Vaseline, you can wear the red with confidence every time. Just smooth a bit of Vaseline on the fronts of your teeth. Your teeth will stay white and lipstick-free.

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3. Stop tan lines and streaks

Doctors are very adamant—too much sun can lead to burning, scarring and skin cancer. Spray tans have recently become more popular for just this reason, but they can be challenging to apply evenly. Often streaks and lines show up in hard-to-apply areas such as around joints. So smooth some Vaseline around ankles, knees, elbows, shoulders, and hands—especially along the backs—to stop the streaking before it starts.

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