Try this Fast Skin whitening Pack when you want facial like glow at home in Just 15 minutes

There are lots of ways to naturally whiten skin. Try a home remedy, such as applying lemon juice or yogurt. You can also make a turmeric. A few habitual changes may also help. Try exfoliating more often and limit your sun exposure. Keep in mind that these take time and can only lighten your skin so much.

 Try this skin whitening pack when you want facial like glow at home.This is a magical skin whitening pack. This Face Pack will lighten your skin naturally. Use this skin home remedy pack Everyday for a week then uses it 3-4 times in a week.

For this skin whitening pack, you will need following Ingredients:

Rice flour

Maida’, white flour


Preparation :

In a bowl add 2 tbsp rice flour and 2 tbsp maida.

Mix them well.

Now add 1/2 tablespoon honey.

Add raw milk until you get a thick paste.

How to Use:

First, wipe off your face with cotton soaked in rose water.

Apply this pack on your face and neck.

Leave for 20 minutes.

Now rub it gently in circular motion, do not do this step if you’ve sensitive skin.

Wash it off and then Apply moisturizer.

2. Yogurt

Just like milk, yogurt also helps in removing the dirt, grime,

and oil from the deeper layers of the skin. Its bleaching properties decrease the production of melanin.

How to Use Yogurt as Cleanser?

Slather some plain yogurt on the skin and gently massage for few minutes.

Leave it on for 3 – 5 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Repeat daily for best results.

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For extra results, you can add honey or lemon juice in to yogurt.

Repeat 2 times in a day.

3. Rice Flour

Rice Flour is very high in PABA (para amino benzonic acid) which acts as a very good sunscreen. Apart from that it repairs the skin and calms down the sunburn as well.

Combine 2 tablespoons of rice powder, 1 tablespoon of milk and few drops of olive oil.

Stir well to make a thick paste.

Spread it on the face, neck, hands or legs.

Leave it on for 20 minutes.

Rinse off with water.