This will clean yellowness and stains from your teeth instantly

This will clean yellowness and stains from your teeth instantly

Yellow teeth can really hit you quite hard and damp your persona. Teeth are a very important part of how we are seen by others, and like they say, a smile is really one of the easiest things we can do to appear confident and make a positive first impression. Yellow or stained teeth can negatively affect one’s confidence and may even result in embarrassment for those people whose livelihood depends upon looking perfect.

1.Vitamin C loaded fruits and veggies can give you white teeth

Citrus fruits as well as those having loads of vitamin C in them can also help you get rid of your yellow teeth. They have bleaching effect on your teeth. So, use strawberries, tomatoes, amla (gooseberry), orange and the most effective lemon to bleach your teeth and get that sparkling whiteness. Mash them, rub them, take out their juice, whatever you do, just get them in contact with your yellow teeth.
Cut a strawberry in two pieces. Take a half of it and sprinkle a little baking soda on to it. Rub your teeth with this. You may avoid using baking soda and rub with plain strawberry instead. The malic acid in strawberry with its astringent properties will give your pearly teeth.

Mash the strawberries and squeeze to take out the juice. Apply t his juice on your teeth and wash after a minute or two. You may also use the pulp to this effect. Always brush your teeth with your regular paste after using strawberries on them.
Before going to sleep at night, take an orange peel and rub this on your teeth.
Take a lemon peel and rub it on your teeth not for more than ½ to 1 minute. Wash with water.
Take a tsp of lemon juice and mix it with 1 tsp of water. Brush teeth with it. Wash with water and then brush with your regular toothpaste. Never use lemon juice undiluted. Always dilute it with water before applying it to your teeth. It high acid content of lemon can seriously damage your toot enamel and the calcium in it. Don’t use lemon more than twice a week if you want to keep your enamel too with the whiteness of your teeth.
And the super tip- don’t forget the daily regime of your teeth cleaning to keep them stay sparkling white!

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2.Use certain tree twigs to whiten your teeth
This is an age old tradition still followed in some parts of India and its neighboring countries. Ayurveda speaks of certain trees that have certain astringent and other properties that can give you white teeth provided you use them regularly. The twigs of these trees are used for brushing the teeth. And how? You have to take a tender (not very soft and not too hard) twig of the tree from its branch. This should be of the length of a standard toothbrush. Wash this twig well with clean water. Now holding one end of the twig with your hands, put the other end of the twig in your mouth and chew it slowly. In a few minutes, the end of the twig that you are chewing will get scattered and the fibers would come out of it. If you take it out of your mouth, you will see that it looks like an artist’s brush, though a rough one. This is your natural tooth brush. Use this fibrous end of the twig to brush your teeth for at least 15-20 minutes. Now discard this twig and use a fresh one the next time. Now the big question is – what trees to look for to get these twigs? Here is the list of such trees.

Babool tree (Acacia Arabica)- Babul tree is one of the most tooth friendly tree. Its extract is used in many herbal toothpastes also that are commercially available in the market. The tannin present in the twigs of babul tree is the component that will make your yellow teeth whiter.

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Banyan tree (Ficus religiosa)- The natural astringent present in the roots of banyan tree- the ones that hang in the air from above the tree’s top- make your teeth white like pearls.
Neem or Margosa (Azadirachtha indica)- Not only astringent, neem tree twigs also have antiseptic properties that can treat bad breath and also cure dental caries and cavities along with making your teeth white.

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