Pregnancy week by week- Fetal development Week 21 to 40 in mother’s womb

Pregnancy Week 21

Your baby is growing at an amazing pace now especially because he starts taking in nutrients from the amniotic fluid. But, he still gets the necessary nourishment from the placenta. The fluid taste differs depending on what you ate. Since the baby has started developing his taste buds, do mind your eating habits. It is found that what he tastes in the womb is what he likes to eat after coming out of your belly. At this time, he is likely to sleep for around 12-14 hours a day.

Pregnancy Week 22

Your baby has grown to about 8 inches by this week. He has eyebrows and eyelashes that are well developed and more hair sprouts on his head. As the hair has no pigment yet, it will be white in color. The baby develops his grip and catches hold of the umbilical cord because there is nothing else in sight to hold. He can better hear and perceive light. At this time, you may feel dizzy when you stand for a long time. This is caused by a low blood pressure.

Pregnancy Week 23

The following weeks will see millions of brains cells developing in your baby’s brain. These will control many basic functions like breathing. The baby’s lungs are on its way to further development. The air sacs inflate and the lungs begin to expand fully. But, he can breathe air only when he comes out of your tummy. For the time being, he is taking in amniotic fluid. One interesting thing is that now you can hear your baby’s heartbeat using a standard stethoscope.

Pregnancy Week 24

Your baby has a lot of space to move around in the belly. He calms down when you rub your belly and responds to your familiar voice. His inner ear has fully developed by now. His face is almost complete like a human face with eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows and nose. As for the mother, you may feel your sexual desire diminishing. This is mainly due to the ache and tiredness in the body. But, there are women who feel otherwise. So it is completely fine either way.

Pregnancy Week 25

In this week, the baby prepares for the first bowel movement which forms in the large intestine. The baby poop called meconium is thick and dark. It is usually excreted after birth. But sometimes it comes out before that which means it has to be cleared from the lungs immediately. The nostrils of the baby open at this time so that he can practice breathing. You may feel your fingers as numb and tingly due to carpal tunnel syndrome. It goes away like every other pregnancy symptoms after delivery.

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Pregnancy Week 26

You may have gained around 15 pounds now which makes your body very different from the slim trim figure you had (if at all you had!). But, never mind, it is the need of the hour. The weight gain is due to the baby’s weight, your increased breasts, expanded uterus etc. The baby now has a regular sleep-wake pattern. Sometimes, kicking is his hobby and other times, he is in a sound sleep. He develops brain wave activity this week which makes him respond to sounds.

Pregnancy Week 27

Your baby is hiccuping for many weeks now and this is the time you start feeling it. It is caused by the movement of the diaphragm. These hiccups are silent as his trachea is filled with fluid instead of air. Your baby recognizes both his parents’ voices. His heartbeat can be heard if your partner presses his ears to your tummy. His taste buds are well developed now and he may even respond if you have some spicy food.

Pregnancy Week 28

Your baby has not opened his eyes till this week. But now, he slowly opens and closes his eyelids. There is pigment in his irises which make it colored. But this color may change to the permanent one by the time the baby is six months old. Your baby might be dreaming too taking into account the rapid eye movement phase of his sleep. Well into the final trimester, you may have breathing problems, fatigue and muscle pain, not to mention the uncomfortable feeling lingering always.

Pregnancy Week 29

In this week you could expect more kicks and pushes from your baby as he is becoming stronger day by day. You could count the kicks twice a day to ensure he is doing good inside. His brain is becoming more complex and he reveals his identity by the reactions to different lights, sounds and food. One more development is the formation of permanent teeth buds under the gums. Some of you may find a yellowish fluid, colostrum, coming out of your breast which is produced before the breast milk.

Pregnancy Week 30

Most of the expectant mothers have to deal with stretch marks and itchy skin. Accept the fact that it is a very natural thing to happen. As for your baby, he is soon filling with fat in his body. As a result, he gains about half a pound every week. The fat helps regulate body temperature after birth and gives the needed energy. With all the body weight, he may find it difficult to move like before. But, ensure that there are occasional movements from his side.

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Pregnancy Week 31

With the increased body weight, your baby stays in the fetal position from now on. A baby boy will have his testicles moving further down and a baby girl already has her clitoris formed. The baby is developing his five senses these days. The to-be-mom is likely to experience lower back pain. The expanding uterus puts pressure on the area starting from the lower back thereby increasing numbness.

Pregnancy Week 32

By this week, you can become happy that the baby has almost developed all his organs except the lungs. Babies born around this time have good chances of survival. Your tiny thing has been practicing a lot of swallowing, breathing and sucking these days. He is preparing himself for the life outside. Pressure on your internal organs may increase your breathing problems and urine leakage.

Pregnancy Week 33

By now, there is no enough room in your uterus for the baby to move around. Good for you, lesser kicks. Your baby has become less active and his movements reflect your daily routine – eating habits, sleeping habits etc. You may start developing contractions, but not labor contractions necessarily. This is the way of preparing yourself for the actual labor. You may sit with your feet elevated and drink some water for relief.

Pregnancy Week 34

The time for real excitement is only a few weeks away, yes your baby will come out shortly! The waxy coating, vernix caseosa starts thickening for better moisturizing. This can be easily washed off during the first bath of the baby. The fingernails have reached the tips of his fingers by this time. To your relief, the process of weight gain has slowed down. The belly has enlarged to an extent that you cannot see the shoes you are wearing.

Pregnancy Week 35

At this stage, it is interesting to know that the baby’s skull remains soft so that his journey through the birth canal is smooth. Most babies would have come in a head-down position by this time. This position increases the chances of a normal delivery. Another thing to be cautious about is the vaginal discharge that can be pink or blood-tinged. This is the mucus plug shedding which helped keep germs away from your uterus. Many of you may start losing it about two weeks before delivery.

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Pregnancy Week 36

Your baby has formed fat that is necessary to survive outside the womb. He still has to fully develop his digestive system which may take a year or two after birth. Most of his bones and cartilage are soft so that he can squeeze out easily. You may feel a bit lighter these days as the baby fits into your pelvis coming down. This lighter feeling is called lightening.

Pregnancy Week 37

By this week, his sense organs are becoming sharper. The umbilical cord passes antibodies to your baby to protect him from germs after delivery. Since your cervix has more blood now, you may feel like having sex.

Pregnancy Week 38

Your baby’s lungs are on the way to being mature. He is ready to come out anytime now. His brain regulates digestion, breathing and circulation. Vernix and lanugo keep on shedding. You may expect a water break any day.

Pregnancy Week 39

Your baby has reached the birth weight by now. He has got enough fat for survival in the outside world. Most probably he is in an inverted position with head down, ready for delivery. You may have mild cramps which may give way to the actual labor pain or make you wait for more.

40 Week Pregnant:

Yuppie, your baby will arrive this week!! Those labor pains really hurt, but it is worth it. You can feel the pain spreading to your lower back and thighs. More contractions and yes, finally he has come out!! Your little darling has come out. Your journey called pregnancy has come to an end. Look who is more than happy. All the best, dear mother! Source