my neighbour told me about this remedy and tried this on my face for 20 minutes. Everyone in my family complimented me

my neighbour told me about this remedy and tried this on my face for 20 minutes. Everyone in my family complimented me now. This home remedy will not only clear your face but also give an extra glow

Preparation and How to apply:

Step 1

Remove the peel of the banana to expose the inner fruit.

Step 2

Eat the fruit of the banana to absorb vital nutrients, while saving the outer layer known as the peel. Pull one strip of the banana peel away from the rest. Bend the peel inside out to expose the white colored inner layer of the peel. Locate the scar on your skin that you wish to fade the appearance of.

Step 3

Rub the soft inside layer of the banana peel back and forth against your scar to allow the surrounding skin to take in the vitamins and nutrients of the peel. Allow the moisture from the banana peel to dry onto the skin of your scar. Moisten a cotton cloth under your sink with some warm water.

Step 4

Rub the dampened cloth over your scar to remove any excess pulp that came from the inner layer of the banana peel.

Teeth Whitener – Cut off a piece of the peel and rub the inner part gently over your teeth for a few minutes, then rinse off. Repeat 1-2x daily for whiter looking teeth.

Skin Brightener – The same way they whiten teeth, peels can brighten skin. You gently rub the inner peel over your skin then rinse off afterward.

Wrinkle Reducer – Rub the inner portion of the peel over your target areas. Leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing. Some say they also leave on over night and rinse it off in the morning, letting the banana work its magic while they sleep.

Acne Treatment – There’s been some success for treating blemishes and acne by rubbing the affected area (gently is key!) for a few minutes then rinsing, repeating three times daily. The antioxidants and nutrients in the peels help pesky breakouts.

Moisturizer – Soften and hydrate dry skin with banana peels as you would to fight wrinkles and acne.

Combat Puffy Eyes – While cucumbers are the popular way to fight tired, puffy eyes, banana peels can do the trick as well – just use them the same way, over your eyes, to give you a bright, freshened look.

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