Must Read – 10 Vitamin E (Evion 400 Capsule) Benefits and Uses For Skin & Hair

Vitamin E is the elixir for the skin. Almost all beauty products boast about it and doctors prescribe it to patients looking for skin remedies too. It has many antioxidants in it which prevent the harmful free radicals from making your skin age, dull and dry. This article will give you many skin care tips, all related to vitamin E.

1. For dark circle

Simply take few drops of this oil and apply it on dark circles. Gently massage for few minutes

2. For dark lips

Simply apply few drops of vitamin E oil on lips and massage it.

Leave it overnight

3. For soft hands

Mix few drops of vitamin E oil in coconut oil and massage your hands with this oil

4. Night cream

Take 3-4 drops of glycerine, add 2 drops of vitamin E oil. Mix them and use as night time moisturizer

5. Anti-wrinkle cream

In eye cream add 2 drops of vitamin E oil and then apply it on eye wrinkles

6. Acne treatment

Take 4-5 drops of tea tree oil, add 1-2 drops of vitamin E oil. Mix it and apply this oil on your acne/acne scars. Leave for 15 minutes, wipe it off with wet towel

7. Moisturizer

In aloe vera gel add 2-3 drops of vitamin E oil and use it as daily moisturizer

8. Frizzy hair

In hair, serum add 1 vitamin E oil and apply it on your hair ends

9. Best Hair

In hair, oil add oil of 1 vitamin E capsule and get ready for best results

10. Makeup remover

Take vitamin e oil on cotton pad and use it to remove all makeup from your face

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These skin care tips can assure you a longer youth and glowing skin which is healthy from inside. Make use of them and get going with the many benefits of vitamin E oil. If you know more home remedies using vitamin E, drop in a comment.