Indian Hair Growth Secret – grow 4 inch in just 7 days.

Secrets from Mother India: Home-made Indian Hair Oil -This Oil consists of the following:

Coconut Oil as a base

Fresh hibiscus flowers and leaves- Reduces hair fall, increases new hair growth, thickens hair, mild cleanser, keeps the hair soft

Fenugreek- excellent for removing dandruff, increasing hair growth, conditioning the hair

Amla- Natural antioxidant, strengthens hair roots, great natural hair conditioner

You could also add the following:

Henna leaves– Good conditioner, helps against dandruff, and can give a beautiful shine to the hair

Curry leaves – Reduces hair fall, prevents early graying.

Bringaraj powder- works as a rejuvenator, keeping the hair conditioned and prevents early graying of hair

I heated the oil, added the herbs, and let it stay warm for some time. Then kept it overnight. The next morning I drained the oil and kept it in a glass jar, ready to use!

What are the benefits of oil massages for the hair?

Endless! I think a look at this picture on the right says it all.

 healthy, luscious hair

natural conditioning of hair

healthy scalp, dandruff free

increased circulation to the scalp

increased hair growth

The decrease in hair fall and early graying

Steps for Oiling your hair

Take a small amount of oil in your hands

Rub the hands together to warm up the oil

Apply it on the scalp

Start massaging the scalp using your fingers and different pressure points

Work the oil through the loose hair as well

Play around a bit with the hair, softly pulling it from side to side, giving a massage to the hair follicle itself.

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Let it sit for at least an hour before washing

Use natural hair wash powder or organic toxic free shampoo to wash your hair

Below you can see the process in pictures. I can personally say that my hair has become much thicker and healthier than ever before since starting with hair oil, as well as a natural hair wash. So many of my friends have noticed and commented on this too after coming back from India, asking what I do differently now.. well… this is the secret 🙂

In the next post, you will read more about natural hair wash- an important next step to clean away the oil from the hair! Source