How To Get Straight Hair Permanently And Naturally At Home

How To Get Straight Hair Permanently And Naturally At Home


 Heat can damage and burn your hair, making it permanently dry and frizzy. But, this should not stop you from having polished and straight hair. That’s why here are ways to get straight hair at home naturally without heat.


3tbsp Lemon juice

3tbsp Almond hair oil

250ml Coconut milk

3tbsp Cornflour

The method of Preparation:

First  Take 3 spoon lemon Juice in the bowl and slowly add corn flour into it as you mix it.

Mix it properly till there are no Lumps in the mixture

Now take 250 ml of coconut milk and keep it to heat.

While it is heating, dip in the lemon juice and cornflour mixture into it. As you add the ingredients keep stirring continuously.

At last, add the almond hair oil to the coconut milk paste.

Continue blending as you let the cream simmer. ( till you see no lumps )

In a few minutes, the paste will thicken, that is when you get it off the gas.

Allow the hair mask to cool off for half an hour only then apply to your hair.

Apply from root to tip in a thick coat, covering each strand. Once done, brush your hair in a straight descending movement, this is to fix the strands.

Additionally, apply another layer of this hair cover. Abandon it to dry for around 30 minutes and flush off with a gentle cleanser.

You will see Result in First Wash but you have to do once in 7 days for a month .

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Note :

All the ingredients are readily available in every kitchen, and in fact that easy to get straight hair permanently in no time!

Before applying makes sure there are no tangles in your hair as that can lead to hair fall.

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