How To Apply Eye-liner Perfectly Within 60 Seconds

Apply Eyeliner properly: Do you still struggle to get perfect eyeliner? Or still, seek help to get it done? Well, if the answer to all those questions is “Yes”, then you are right at place.

Apply Eyeliner properly Today I’ve come with a beauty tutorial, which will help you to get perfect winged eyeliner in just few minute. Follow these steps:

(Long brushes seem fancy but when it comes to eyeliner, always use small brushes. It provides better control over your hand movement, while applying eyeliner.)

Step1:(Start with outward direction)

In the outward direction of the top outer corner of your eye, draw a small line towards your eyebrow to create a wing.


Now, gently draw a line along your lash line. Then from the outer corner of your eye drag the line to meet the wing that you drew initially and fill up the white space with the eyeliner.


Now use some liquid moose one tone lighter than your skin tone.


Put a small dot of moose below the wings at the corner of your eyes. Then spread evenly with your finger.


Lastly, apply some mascara on your lashes to give denser look to your lashes. Here you go! You are ready for the party!

Eyeliners are not just make-up, they are a magical tool to highlight your eyes and complement your features. However, not many of us get it right and end up spoiling most of our eye makeup. We list out some ‘cheat codes’ to applying your eyeliner with much ease:

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Join the dots

If your hands aren’t too steady with the design and you often seem to make a mess, join the dots! Simply begin dotting your eye lid from the outer corner reaching inwards and connect them using a pencil or a roll-on stick. Don’t miss out on these 9 different ways to apply eyeliner.

Begin from the corners

Also, begin stroking from the outer corner of your eye. You will have a better hold of the design you want, be it winged, straight or simply thick. The stretching bit is made easier with this technique. Doing this also guides your hand easily to achieve the look you want.

Apply eye pencil first

Use a pencil for the basic eye-lining first and then trace the design with liquid liner, to avoid untidiness. A combination of two colours can look glamorous for this.

Soften rough eye pencil

Is your eye pencil as rough as sand paper? Soften the tip with a blow dryer for not more than 2-3 seconds. This would help give a smoother finishing.

Hide eyeliner mistakes with nude colour

Messed up your eyeliner? Invest in nude eyeliner, and cover those spots. This acts as a concealer in a sleek way for your eye make-up. Also, once you are done with your eyeliner, apply some concealer around the eyes to keep your eye make-up in place.


Use white on water and line

Replace the black eyeliner with a white pencil for your waterline. This gives a fresher and ‘big eyes’ appearance.  You can also apply the white liner over your eyelids.

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Use glitter liner over your eyeliner

If you want to glam-up your look in an instant, apply a glitter liner over your black eyeliner. You can also use some shimmery eye shadow as a quick fix. Are you keen on trying fake eyelashes?Here is what you need to know.

Replace black with brown eyeliner

Experiment with a brown liner instead of a black one for a softer look. Blend the liner a little more on the eye lids to use it as an eyeshadow.

Lock your liner with eyeshadow

The trick to ensure your kajal and eyeliner doesn’t smudge out is to brush on some black eyeshadow on your waterline. Your liner will last you much longer. Try on some trendy eyeshadow shades, this season.

 Use mascara product as liquid liner

If and when you fall short of your eyeliner liquid, you can always take some product from your mascara wand. Line your eyes with an angular brush. Source