Boney Kapoor Reveals What Happened Before Sridevi’s Death

Bollywood producer and husband of late actress Sridevi, Boney Kapoor has opened up and recounted the details of the death of the 54-year-old film star in a Dubai hotel on 24th February.

Opening up, perhaps for the first time since Sridevi’s sudden death, Boney Kapoor has told his friend Komal Nahta- a film analyst that he found his wife of 22 years dead in a bathtub with not a drop of water spilling out.

Reproducing the 62-year-old Bollywood producer’s purported conversation with himself, Mr. Nahta says Mr Kapoor had travelled to Dubai on an “unscheduled trip” and caught Sridevi by total surprise and both “hugged and kissed” just hours before the actress was found dead in a bathtub.

Mr Kapoor spoke to his wife on the morning of 24th February and did not tell Sridevi about his plans of traveling to Dubai, Mr Nahta wrote in his blog citing the conversation that’s purported to have taken place on Wednesday before Sridevi’s last rites.

According to Boney, there had been only two occasions in the last 24 years when they had not traveled together abroad — when Sridevi had travelled to New Jersey and Vancouver — for two film appearances.

He said after Mr Kapoor reached the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel at around a quarter past six and the couple chatted for fifteen minutes and then decided to go for a “romantic dinner” before Sridevi went into the bathroom of her room number 2001.

“I went to the living room while Sridevi went to the master bathroom to bathe and get ready,” Mr. Nahta quoted Mr. Kapoor as saying.

While he watched cricket after freshening up, Mr. Kapoor purportedly said he became restless around 8 pm, it is Saturday, he felt restaurants would fill up and he called out his wife twice from the living area. When he did not get any response, he knocked on the bathroom door,” says Mr. Nahta.

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“He panicked and opened the door which had not been bolted from inside, nervous but yet not at all prepared for what he was going to see. The tub was full of water and Sridevi was immersed completely, from head to toe, inside the tub. Devastated, he reached out to her but watching her motionless, he feared the worst.

“Sridevi had drowned! Boney’s world had come crashing down,” he wrote

Though her post-mortem report revealed “accidental drowning” as the cause of death, mystery still continues to shroud the exact chain of events right up Sridevi’s death.

“Whether she first drowned and then became unconscious, or she first fell asleep or unconscious and then drowned, nobody will, perhaps, ever know. But she probably never got a chance to even struggle for a minute because had she moved her arms and legs in panic while drowning, there would be some water spilling out of the tub. But there wasn’t a drop of water on the floor outside the tub area,” Mr. Nahta says.

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