Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Birdal

Mehandi Designs

Mehandi Designs is a traditional and a temporary form of skin decoration that is practiced mainly in regions such as India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and the other adjoining areas. Since ancient times, application of

Mehandi on the hands and feet of the Bride and Groom has been a significant part of Hindu wedding traditions. Even in some part of Middle East, it is rather imperative for a bride to adorn a delicate Mehandi design before the wedding day. Mehandi has also been an inseparable part of the life of the women who celebrate the Hindu festivals namely Karva Chauth, Teej, Diwali, Vat Purnima and Bhai Dooj.

A stunning Mehandi design is said to make the event more auspicious and also instils a sense of liveliness to the entire event with its charm.For a long time, Mehandi was being solely looked upon as a part of the traditional ceremonies as a sign of good omen.

But now in the modern times, the intricate henna designs are getting popular all across the globe and the women across the world are seen adorning the beautiful and exquisite Mehandi designs as temporary tattoos, a sort of fashion statement.

Now, Mehandi has become so popular among the women of all age that myriad varieties of Mehandi designs are being introduced from time to time in every subcontinent that is truly fascinated by this art. There is a plethora of designs that are practiced by the Mehandi artists across the globe.


Some of the Mehndi designs categorised on the basis of ‘Location’ are as follows:

ARABIC MEHANDI DESIGNS: Arabic Mehandi Designs are the most prominent and the most stylish Mehandi trends of all time. Said to have originated in the Arab countries and inspired by the Arab subcontinent, these designs consists of distinctive flowers and leaves patterns. Arabic Mehandi Designs are usually partly filled along with a free flowing structure. These unique geometrical designs look elegant and stylish without being messy as the designs only partly fills the hand.

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INDIAN MEHANDI DESIGNS: Indian Mehandi designs have been the most famous Mehandi designs so far. This is the one solid reason behind the majority of Indian states having their own set of designs such as Punjabi Mehandi designs and Rajasthani Mehandi designs. Indian Mehandi Designs of different states are an attempt to glorify their rich heritage and culture. Unlike, Arabic Mehandi Designs, they are more detailed, bold and beautifully meticulous.

PAKISTANI MEHANDI DESIGNS: Pakistani Mehandi Designs are mostly the hybrid form of the Arabic Mehndi Designs and the Indian Mehandi Designs. Pakistani Mehandi Designs make use of flowers, lines, patterns and swirls bringing in the details with a free flow structure while incorporating the elements of the above two designs.

Beautiful Breath-Taking Mehndi Designs useful For Every Occasion