Baba Ramdev’s Natural formula to stop Hair fall and regrow Hair

We all know in our hustling life we get little time to care about our hairs. Intodays era because of excessive workload, stress,dieting,smoking,angerect our health as well as our hairs are affected and we are completed dependant on chemical contained shampoos and conditioners which make hair look dull and cause hair loss.

Here are the some natural Ayurveda simple hacks from our well known yoga guru, god of natural remedies non other than RAM DEV BABA.

Natural home remedies:

Rub the nails of your right hand with nails of left hand for 5min daily this has worked since our ancestors have proven to reduce the hair fall issues.

Intake of few gooseberries more often known as amla in Sanskrit should me made integral part of our diet. Research have shown that people having amla in diet are less prone to hair fall than others

Due to stress and heat generated in body our hairs are severely affected and growth of hair also stops. Consuming bottle gourd juice (lauki) along with amla juice have shown great results in preventing hair loss.


Patanjalis magic:

If all these steps are time consuming for working females we have solution for that too:

Have massage of hairs with patanjali’s divya keshkanti hair oil a day prior to washing hairs.

This oil not only moistures hair but also helps in reducing hair fall and is chemical free oil.

Next day wash hair with patanjalis shampoo such as keshkanti milk protein, keshkanti sikakhai and many more .you can any shampoo as all are sulphate free so no chemicals on hairs and keeps hair healthy and smooth.

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Ayurveda mixture

To have shiny hair follow this simple trick:

In a bowl take half a cup of buttermilk add Multani mithi and 1 tbps of lemon juice and 2tbps of coconut oil and stir it well.

Apply this mixture 30min before washing your hair and thoroughly wash it.

Buttermilk helps in removing dust and dandruff from hair and Multani mithi helps in giving shine to hairs.

This mixture in all works excellent so there is no need to use conditioner also.

yoga :

Yoga and meditation have proven naturally to distress yourself which in turn will help you in reducing hair fall have healthy and shiny hairs.


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