A troller shamed Divyanka Tripathi for her busty B*0bs! Her reply will just win your heart!

Divyanka Tripathi is one of the most popular actresses of Indian television. Her stint in Ye Hain Mohbbatein from last four years has made her a known face in every Indian household. The actress, who is leading a happy married life as well as a successful career, recently posted a picture on Instagram with her hubby.

The picture features Divyanka and Vivek Dahiya posing with a friend. Moreover, everyone is smiling in this beautiful photo.


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Clad in blue assymetrical kurti, isn’t she looking gorgeous?

But a pervert posted a sick comment on the photo and tried to body shame her for busty bosom. The actress was in no mood to take any shit, so she replied, “I am proud of my bosom…and no female should be ashamed of it. God has structured us in a manner for a reason. Nothing can be shameful about it. Good, you raised this topic. Humans first started covering themselves to save themselves from heat and cold not from the eyes of some perverts as those eyes didn’t exist earlier. Now they do- in you!”

The actress further added, “Go see Ajanta Ellora and you’ll see Indian Gods in their most beautiful natural forms. Every woman is a Goddess and goddesses are not defined by their scarcity or abundance of clothes but by their Karma and Power. So respect!” read an excerpt from her reply. She urged the troller to change his mindset about women and start respecting them for their power and karma instead of for their clothes.

Here’s her full comment:


Her followers on Instagram loved her befitting reply and supported her for her bold stance! Some users even posted sympathetic comments in support of their favourite actress. “Perfect answer to cheap people,” read one comment. “Your beautiful thoughts is what makes you diff from others. More power to you,” another user wrote!

“Divyanka Tripathi, so proud of you, always giving the right answer, everyone should be proud of how we are structured, if we dress up to please some people, we won’t be doing justice to yourself and should always go for what makes you happy and comfortable.”

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