Aishwarya Rai to Priyanka Chopra, 7 times celebrities ruined their faces with horrible makeup

We love to read about the fashion trends that our celebs and their stylists introduce for us but can we still be so sure after looking at these images. Here is a list of some of the most fashionable (or at least decently well-dresses) celebs whom we had no idea, could look so hideous.

Sonam Kapoor- known as one of the top fashionistas when it comes to styling. Sonam has always had a good stylist but god knows who did this to her. Let us just hope that this is not her real face without make-up.


Kareena Kapoor- ok… it is hard to tell if the one at fault is the cameraman or Kareena’s stylist but the stylist is definitely more screwed.


Aishwarya Rai- She looks like she must have dived into blush and then splattered her mouth with lipstick. It is hard to tell what the stylist or actress might have been thinking when they did this… were they even looking in the mirror?

Kangana Ranaut- from a blown-up bird’s nest on her head, to bad-colored-gloss to dripping oily make-up, to that cabbage like dress, I don’t even know what to point out! (oh wait- maybe I did point out just about everything).


Deepika Padukone- Deepika night not have been fair since the start but was doing this really necessary? Brown cheeks, ashy face, evil lipstick and the wrong kind of heavy eye make-up, Deepika broke my heart in this picture!


Gauri khan- She looks like she just surfaced out of an oil tank. SRK where are you? I think your wife needs your help. Her dress would have looked so much better if not for that horrible make-up.

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Celina Jaitley- I recently read an actress’s article where she says that she feels that a concealer is the most important ingredient. Maybe Celina read and misinterpreted the same for the amount of concealer she has put on is alarmingly funny. All I can say is that dark circles look just as bad as white circles.