According To The Recorded Statement And Recent Reports Here’s What Bonny Kapoor Allegedly Lied About His Dubai Trip

At the age of 54, Sridevi died in Dubai due to sudden cardiac arrest. There are reports of only his death from social media to TVs everywhere. Let me tell you that Cardiac Arrest is a form of heart attack. But now, after his death, different types of news are coming out. There have been many things to date about the death of Sridevi.

Sridevi’s post mortem report has been submitted to the Indian Embassy, according to which he died due to drowning in the hotel bathtub. But, now this case was just as simple and simple as it was in the beginning.

Along with the passing of days and hours, new things are coming out. The mystery of Sridevi’s death is getting confused. Boney Kapoor was going to take Sridevi for dinner.


Boney Kapoor interrogated on Sridevi’s death

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The reason for Sridevi’s sudden death has not been cleared yet. Meanwhile, the Dubai Police has made long inquiries from Sridevi’s husband and filmmaker Bonnie Kapoor. According to the news, the Dubai Police has made long inquiries from Boney Kapoor and the hotel staff on the death of Sridevi. Dubai police are interrogating her husband Boney Kapoor on the sudden death of Sridevi.

According to the report, in the presence of four senior police officers, police recorded the statement of Boney Kapoor. This complete statement has been recorded in front of the camera.

Death due to drowning in Bathtub


It was being said that due to Sridevi’s death Cardiac Arrest was. However, according to a postmortem report that took place last evening, the actress died after being immersed in the bathtub in the hotel. According to the postmortem, he died due to his drowning in the hotel’s bathtub, and his body also got a lot of amrohal.

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But, there are still some questions that are deeply entangled by the death knell of Sridevi. Let us tell you that Boney Kapoor had reached Dubai from Dubai to take Sridevi to dinner.

What Is Bonny Kapoor Allegdedly Lying About…

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After the marriage of his nephew, Boney Kapoor came back to Mumbai with his younger daughter and Sridevi was staying there right there. Sridevi was alone in the hotel for two days and during this time she did not come out of the room once.

According to the statement made by husband Boney Kapoor, he wanted to give Sridevi a surprise, so he reached Dubai on Saturday. Boney Kapoor wanted to take Sridevi to dinner, for which he asked Sridevi to be ready. But, what seems to be happening now is that Boney Kapoor is lying to him. It seems.

Table in a hotel was not booked for dinner

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He said in his statement that he wanted to take Sridevi to a surprise dinner. But, it is usually that there is a table book before going to dinner in a big hotel. But, Boney Kapoor did not book a table at any hotel. The question is raised in such a way that Boney Kapoor had come to Mumbai from Mumbai to take Sridevi to dinner.

So why did not they book a table at any hotel? Let me tell you that Sridevi’s last rites will be in Mumbai. They are preparing to bring their body to Dubai. Sridevi’s death happened when Bonnie Kapoor was going to go out for dinner.

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