8 Mistakes You Make With Bobby Pins

Mistake #1: Inserting them incorrectly.

Have you been putting in your bobby pins with the grooved side up? Bad news: You’ve been doing it all wrong. (Don’t worry — I did for years, too!) The grooves are intended to help the bobby pin stay in place, so having them face outwards isn’t as effective.

Mistake #2: Using them without the extra coating at the end.

If those little plastic balls at the ends of your bobby pins have fallen off, it’s time to toss ’em out. The sharp metal underneath is not meant to be worn on its own, or your hair can get pulled, snagged, and even snapped off as a result.

Mistake #3: Picking the wrong color.

Typically, you want your bobby pins felt, not seen — that is, they should keep your hairstyle intact, but remain relatively invisible. So, picking the right bobby pin for the job is important. If your hair is blonde, go for a lighter shade; if your locks are dark brown, aim for brown or black bobby pins. Of course, if you want your bobby pins to be seen, that’s a whole other deal.

Mistake #4: Popping them into wet hair.

Putting a tight pin (or hair tie) around wet hair always makes it dry in that shape, so unless you want little indents in your hair, let it dry before using a bobby pin.

Mistake #5: Using it to remove ear wax.

While most people prefer to use bobby pins in their hair, some use them on a different spot on their heads: their ears. And this is a big mistake. Not only is ear wax important to your ears’ health, using an object — yep, even a cotton swab — to remove wax deep in your ears can be dangerous. The skin near your ear drum is delicate and easily damaged, so a hard, pointy object like a bobby pin is definitely not meant to be poking inside there.

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Mistake #6: Only using them to keep hair in place.

Sure, bobby pins are great for making a hairstyle stick, but easy techniques like our handy ponytail trick can do even more to boost your look.

Mistake #7: Spreading them apart too much.

If you’re bobby pins feel like they’re becoming less effective, they’ve probably lost their grip from you spreading them apart a lot — especially using your teeth — prior to insertion. The metal can bend and become less tight, making the bobby pin unable to hold your hair.

Note: This doesn’t apply if you’re planning on using jumbo bobby pins, which are already structured to be wider than the typical pin.

Mistake #8: Trying to put all your hair in the bobby pin.

It seems counterintuitive, but you don’t actually need to put all of your hair into a bobby pin to make it stay put — and trying to do this can just result in the whole lot of locks falling out of place. Instead, twist the hair you wish to pin down, then pop your bobby pin through a section of it. Source

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