3 Super effective tricks to remove darkness from finger joints – get Baby soft hands in 5 minutes

Three useful and easy tricks to get bright and young hands and legs figure joint

In our day to day activity  of washing clothes,utensils,cleaning floors a lot of beautiful ladies get exposed to harmful detergents, soaps which affect our hand and leg skin indirectly and make them look darker and rough.

Here the 3 basic and easy ways to get rid of darkness and get soft baby like feet and hands:

Sugar and olive oil mixture:

This formula of olive oil and scrub works like magic. Olive oil works in constructive manner to improvise the nail texture and helping in removing sun tanned melanin stored skin .while sugar adds on its benefit clearing out the dead and dark cells on skin completely.

  • In a bowl take 3 spoons of olive oil and half of that take sugar and stir it properly.
  • Apply this scrub to your darker figure joints.
  • Let the mask get properly absorbed onto hands and feet joints.
  • After 6 to 7min wash the application.
  • Later moisture your palms and feet with good moisturizer to get softer version.

Banana Mask:

  • Take 1 banana and remove the outer covering.
  • Take a pulp and chop it and add to mixture grinder
  • Take out the banana paste and put 1/4th bowl of honey into the mixture.
  • Use this mixture and spread it over your hands and feet.
  • After 15min washout the application.
  • Apply moisturizer


Moisturize with Coconut oil:
as we all know coconut oil the best moisturizer since our ancestors used.

Easily put coconut oil on hand and feets for duration of 20min and let it moisture.

  • Take a lemon and cut it.
  • use half portion of lemon to scrub onto hands and feet it will not only discharge oil but will also brighten the skin by acting as natural beaching agent without harming the skin.
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