15 minutes miracle to get golden glow on your face

15 minutes miracle to get golden glow on your face

Say goodbye to the dull skin  – Want to get golden glow skin at home? Yes, you can get fair & flawless skin at home in few minutes. This secret home ingredient can bring a sparkling glow to skin instantly. Try this instant skin brightening home remedies & get a parlor glow skin in just a few minutes.

Let’s see the ingredients for glowing skin.

Today I will tell you one simple face clean up that will give you best results and that also in 20 minutes

We will start with rose water, Take some rose water in cotton ball and wipe off your face with this

For next step take a half tomato.

Sprinkle some sugar and use it as natural exfoliator

Scrub your face with this for 2-3 minutes. It will open your pores and will also remove dead skin layer from your face

Next, you need to massage your face. For this simply add 2 tsp tomato juice with 2 tsp aloe vera gel, you can also add oil of 1 Vitamin E capsule and your massage cream is ready. Massage your face with this for 5 minutes

Next, apply face pack for 15 minutes

For this take 2 tsp rice flour add 2 tbsp tomato juice and few drops of lemon juice

Add rose water if the paste is too thick to apply.

Apply it on your face

Leave for 15 minutes

Rinse it off

These home treatment works best & gives diamond sparkling skin in few minutes. So, try this next time when you are getting ready for a outing or party. Dazzle with bright & beautiful skin.

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